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Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010

Saturday night..

How are you Blogaaa???

Jogja rain all day today.
well. just watching three idiots with three people too,, (but not idiots :) )
So recomended!!!
This film talked about friendship, how do you learn, love your "citacita" (what it called in english??hihihi..)

One thing that you need in the rainy season like this is raincoat!!

This is rules how are you buying some raincoat

Check it!!

First, sure you checked details, make sure nothing is broken =)

Utie check the raincoat

Second, if you are unsure, you should try it.. its okay!
because you'll wear it..
very pity if it has been purchased but it was not conveneient

Utie try the raincoat..


Am i give you a good advice or give some idiots suggestion?? HIhihi..

its up to you..

but what i know is say "Hopefully today no rain in your heart"

Smile, Blogaaa!!!


3 komentar:

siroel mengatakan...

kayanya aku masi bisa nyelip tuh... hihihi...

Emil's Beatles mengatakan...

Blog walking is coming...

hohoho, both of you are dumb and dumber... LOL!! :D

Pilosophia mengatakan...

hai siroel..
apanya yang bisa nyelip??

hai emil's beatles..
thankiu for blogwalkingggg =)

ahhh,,yang cocok dapet predikat itu kamu ma utie,,
kan kalian kenal lebih dulu,,
jadi kan udah nuler duluan ditempatmu,,